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Network Management

Business today depends on its ability to reach its customers, employees and vendors. That is why SMS has designed a network infrastructure capable of scaling and performing to our customer’s highest expectations. At each of our data centers, our environment consist of multi-gigabyte IP connections utilizing diverse carriers to build BGP connectivity for those customers that require high availability and security.  If you require the ability to connect directly with other telecommunication carriers, we can facilitate that too.

Premium Network

  • SMS can provide a Dual-Homed, Dual-ISP BGP connection for your IP traffic. This gives you the highest availability possible for your WEB applications.
  • For our Colocation and Hosting customers SMS provides Peer to Peer VPN connections with Dual homed connectivity utilizing multi-carriers. In addition you can utilize our remote KVM access to manage the data center assets.
  • For Managed Hosting and Cloud computing customers SMS has built a LAN infrastructure utilizing Multi-Homed and Adapter teaming technology to create a level of redundancy and throughput that is unrivaled.

Our data centers utilize the leading Telecom providers in their markets:

  • COX Communications – COX Communications provides advanced VoIP, internet, managed network and Colocation solutions for businesses, enterprises and government agencies. COX provides 10G service. To SMS
  • Century Link – They recently acquired Quest Communications which has been a provider of network services to SMS for many years.  Century Link provides advanced VoIP, Internet, Point to Point and other Telecom services throughout the Western United States.
  • tw telecom – tw telecom, headquartered in Littleton, CO, is a leading provider of managed networking solutions to a wide array of businesses and organizations in 75 markets spanning 30 states.

Carrier Neutral

SMS facilities are carrier neutral. A variety of telecommunications carriers already have presence within our facilities that you can leverage for your Internet or private line access needs, including:

  • XO Communications
  • Verizon
  • at&t
  • Above Net
  • Level(3)
  • Cogent

Resilient Data Center Network

The network is completely 10G from the Core Layer to the Access Layer.  Routing is exclusively handled utilizing Cisco 10G enabled Routers.  Dedicated Cisco firewalls control security policies that ensure only required ports are accessible.  Cisco firewall service modules can also be provisioned if required.  Gigabit Ethernet connectivity is the SMS standard handoff via both multi-mode fiber SFP or copper CAT 5e

Built on Cisco, and Brocade technology, we deliver your data from our premium network to your colocation, managed hosting, and Cloud  services through redundant border, core, access and distribution layers.

All network equipment is professionally managed by our team of certified network engineers. Regular monthly and quarterly maintenance is performed on all devices ensuring that they are up to date with the latest hot fixes and patches. Your ability to communicate is also backed by our service agreement with Cisco and our on-site spares for equipment.

We offer a 99.999% Network SLA, commonly referred to as five-nines. We believe strongly in taking proactive maintenance to ensure your uptime and availability and aggressively work to ensure that you never have to think about your SLA.